The Pride of Grand Bahama #7 PHA




Let me firstly Welcome you too the Official Website of the Pride of Grand Bahama #7 PHA, MWPHGL Commonwealth of the Bahamas.  As I embark upon my Second Term at the station of Wisdom I give thanks too the Great Architect of The Universe for making this possible, and to the Craft for once again expressing there confidence in me by electing me for another Term as Worshipful Master.  There is “still work to be done” in 2014 the Pride of Grand Bahama #7 will take a more direct, focused, hands on, approach in terms of straightforwardly being helpful within in the community.

 “No General can fight his battles alone.  He must depend on his lieutenants and his success depends upon his ability to select the right man for the right place” Philip Armour American Businessman and founder of Amour and Company, the Giant Meatpacking firm.  The lieutenants have been chosen and I congratulate the officers of this lodge elected and appointed of which I will be closely working with.  The General and his Lieutenants are ready for our upcoming projects this year the most paramount being the raising of funds so that we can move back home to our Hall in Eight Mile Rock “from whence we came”.

Let us now continue with Brotherly Love while continuously building the craft taking it to levels immeasurable.

On behalf of the Past Masters, Officers, and Members of the Pride of Grand Bahama #7 once again welcome and I hope that you enjoy your travels through this site.


Bro. Dwight K. Grant

Worshipful Master 2013-2014


Worshipful Master Bro. Yannick Rodgers presenting W.M. Bro. Lee Alexander Wallace Harmony #25 with a plaque for his dedication to the Pride of G.B. #7 shown by his perfect attendance for the term 2009-2010.